Paxata Releases New Connectivity Tools for Amazon Web Services

Paxata is unleashing new native push/pull seamless connectivity options to and from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that include the Amazon Redshift data warehouse and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Paxata partnered with leading consulting firm, Slalom to develop the connectors, allowing customers to build out their data-lake-in-the-cloud solution to get insights faster and more cost-effectively.

By leveraging machine learning, Paxata enables analysts to speed up and improve data aggregation and shaping.

Paxata’s parallel distributed processing architecture leverages the distributed and elastic capabilities of AWS for variable, large scale data workloads.

 “Paxata, working with Slalom, is delivering an innovative data preparation experience with AWS services, like Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift,” said Ken Chestnut, global segment lead at Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Slalom is a partner within the Paxata Transform program, which allows partners in the ecosystem to leverage Paxata’s open platform development environment to build value-added services, including high-speed connectors for import and export of data from popular source systems and business applications.

Paxata already delivers a turnkey data preparation SaaS offering powered by AWS.

“We are excited to expand our self-service, enterprise-grade modern data architecture with new support for Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift,” said Rik Tamm-Daniels, Vice President of Technology and Partnerships at Paxata. “Being able to deliver this solution on AWS with our strategic cloud integration partner Slalom means that AWS customers can take better advantage of Paxata’s industry-leading ease of use, scale, security and governance.”

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