Pepperdata Introduces New Solution to Assess the Health of Hadoop Clusters

Pepperdata is unveiling a new tool that will evaluate and assess Hadoop clusters and provide visibility into current cluster conditions.

The new solution, called the Hadoop Health Check, will allow organizations to determine how to improve their current Hadoop operations.

The Health Check program enables the installation of Pepperdata software on a production cluster for up to 72 hours.

During this time, the software collects all Hadoop performance data and provides a high-level diagnostic report with granular insight into the cause of common including problem users or jobs, wasted cluster capacity, and bottlenecks and root cause.

“Pepperdata has helped numerous organizations obtain for the first time a full and clear picture of how their Hadoop clusters are performing in any distribution environment,” said Sean Suchter, CEO and cofounder, Pepperdata.   “With the new Health Check program we have made it much easier and accessible for more companies to see the value and improvement that our product brings.”

For more information about the Hadoop Health Check, visit

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