Percona Launches Enhanced Version of its MongoDB Platform

Percona, a provider of MySQL and MongoDB solutions and services, is releasing an updated version of Percona Server for MongoDB .

The platform, version 3.2, makes it the latest release of the company’s enhanced, open source, fully compatible for MongoDB Community Edition.

“With the second release of Percona Server for MongoDB, we have continued to provide the MongoDB community with an alternative that includes all the latest MongoDB features, is free to download and use, and delivers more capabilities and lower TCO – making it easier and less expensive for companies to reach their business goals.”

The update adds two new storage engines,  PerconaFT and Facebook’s MongoRocks, and enterprise-grade functionality, including simple authentication and Security Layer (SASL) and advanced auditing.

These additional capabilities provide enterprises with far greater flexibility for managing their database infrastructures.

Other features include full online backup support of PerconaFT and MongoRocks, an SASL Authentication plugin, an audit plugin, live support, and remote DBA.

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