Pitney Bowes Partners with Hortonworks to Provide Big Data GeoSpatial and Data Quality Capabilities

Pitney Bowes has joined Hortonworks Partnerworks in the Modern Data Solutions (MDS) partner program. Through the partnership, Pitney Bowes will deploy its data quality and geospatial capabilities, which recently achieved Hortonworks Certification. According to the vendors, location-based data, in particular, is becoming more important in how businesses understand their customers because it is one of the most consistent ways to link people, places, and things.

In addition, data storage and analytics are also critical to how businesses interpret this data. Traditional infrastructures are designed to analyze large quantities of data, on premise, through hardware devices. However, the vendors contend, these infrastructures cannot handle the amounts of structured and unstructured data that today’s consumers produce each day, both on and offline.

Hortonworks says its connected data platforms, powered by open source technologies, are making it possible for clients to analyze mass amounts of structured and unstructured data, while Pitney Bowes adds the spatial and vertical market-specific data to allow customers to fully leverage the power of a Hortonworks Data Platform. With data quality and geospatial analytics embedded directly into big data applications, organizations can keep pace with the speed and scale required.

Pitney Bowes’ spatial analytics solutions are currently utilized across many verticals, including insurance, financial services, telecommunications, and retail, with many organizations applying analytics across massive, global datasets. For example, the company says, insurance firms rely on Pitney Bowes’ spatial capabilities to better understand risk profiles by geography. Financial services firms leverage spatial analytics to optimize branch and ATM locations. Telecommunications providers and retailers use spatial data to better understand their subscribers and customers to present the most attractive offers to them. Additionally, analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT) require location attributes in order to fully address asset management use cases.

Currently, the Pitney Bowes capabilities offered through Hortonworks include Spectrum Geocoding for Big Data, Spectrum Location Intelligence for Big Data, Spectrum Data Quality for Big Data and the Spectrum Technology Platform.

For additional information, visit Pitney Bowes at www.pitneybowes.com.


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