Qubole Reveals Cache Feature Called RubiX for Cloud Storage Systems

Qubole unveiled a new feature to its Qubole Data Service (QDS) called auto-caching, a next-generation disk cache for cloud storage systems that works across different data engines.

The new feature is called RubiX and will be open sourced, according to the company.

By providing an intelligent caching layer between data engines and S3, analysts using QDS will be able to achieve better turnaround times in their data queries without any manual intervention.

Features in RubiX include a new implementation of the Hadoop FileSystem interface (similar to the first-gen Cache) to smoothly integrate with all the engines, better control over cache systems, and more.

RubiX goes a step ahead of other platforms and makes it possible to get improvements in other engines as well while working great with optimized columnar storage formats, according to Qubole.

For more information about this new feature, visit www.qubole.com

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.


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