SAP Offers Live Insights from Big Data to Customers

SAP has announced advancements in the SAP Vora solution to help customers accelerate project implementations and improve their enterprise business analytics.

SAP Vora is also planned to be launched on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services (previously known as Altiscale), which is expanding its managed Hadoop/Spark platform services to include Europe.

The combination of the latest release of SAP Vora and the expanded availability of SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services into Europe will provide a broad range of enterprise-class solutions for big data requirements. SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services will help enterprises achieve a high-performance, production-ready Hadoop environment with minimal effort, while SAP Vora helps organizations bring big data insights into the enterprise, according to Greg McStravick, president, Database & Data Management at SAP.

The new release includes built-in capabilities to enable business insights including a time series distributed in-memory engine that allows time series data to be stored and analyzed in distributed environments;  a graph distributed in-memory engine that supports graph processing and helps execute commonly used graph operations such as pattern matching, shortest path and connected component using SQL; a distributed in-memory JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document store that supports rich query processing over schema-less JSON data using SQL, and additional enterprise class features including Kerberos support, distributed transaction log for metadata persistence, and built-in currency conversion.

Deployment through Amazon Web Services Marketplace and SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services is designed to give SAP Vora customers more flexibility, allowing them to scale as needed without managing the infrastructure

SAP Vora is also now part of Cloudera Certified Partners, having successfully completed the = testing and validation of the various requirements, including qualification and product requirement document, security and test plans as part of the certification; and for on-premise deployments, SAP Vora is supported by all major Hadoop vendors including Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR.

SAP plans to make the SQL capabilities in SAP Vora available in the cloud on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services starting in early Q2, for both U.S.-based and Europe-based customers.


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