Self-Service Data Analytics Using the Cloud

Snowflake Computing, a cloud data warehousing company, has formed a technology and go-to-market partnership with Looker, which provides a data exploration and business intelligence platform. Building on the integration between Looker’s BI platform and the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, the companies aim to deliver an integrated solution for self-service data analytics that takes full advantage of the cloud.

The Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse is a data warehouse as a service, built in the cloud for data and analytics. Looker’s native integration with Snowflake takes advantage of Snowflake’s architecture and capabilities, enabling users to leverage Snowflake’s elastic scaling to get better performance on any scale of data, take advantage of Snowflake’s native support for structured and semi-structured data to analyze diverse data in one place, and benefit from Snowflake’s automation and self-tuning capabilities to do that without the complexities of manually configuring and tuning the data warehouse. As a result, the companies say, Looker users can focus on getting insights from their data rather than on managing data infrastructure.

According to the companies, Looker makes it easier for business teams to ask and answer their own questions while at the same time maintaining data analysts’ power to curate that data. By combining Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse with Looker, business teams and data analysts can explore data at scale with better performance and flexibility, said Frank Bien, CEO at Looker.

“Our customers are trying to do more with their data, but are suffering from the pain and complexity of doing that with conventional solutions,” said Bob Muglia, CEO at Snowflake. “Looker and Snowflake bring self-service access to data so that analysts can easily explore and analyze all their business data at any scale of data, workloads and users.”

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