SnapLogic Launches its Hybrid Execution Framework on Azure to Modernize Analytic Infrastructures

SnapLogic is releasing its hybrid execution framework Snaplex on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as Azureplex, giving users the ability to gain business insights faster with self-service data integration from a plethora of sources.

“Customers can actually go in, provision, and really deploy SnapLogic directly through the Azure marketplace,” said Darren Cunningham, vice president of marketing. “We feel like we’re making an impact in the market, we’re changing how organizations approach data integration with a much more modern solution, and gaining a lot of traction as a result.”

With the Azureplex on the Azure Marketplace, customers of both companies gain the ability to tap into advanced data storage and big data analytics in the cloud with self-service data ingestion, preparation, and delivery.

In addition to this update SnapLogic is also offering more intelligent connectors - called Snaps - for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage that enable fast, self-service data connectivity.

Organizations that are struggling with legacy ETL tools to move data in and out of the traditional data warehouse environments will benefit the most from this, according to Cunningham.

“It’s organizations that are looking to modernize their analytics infrastructure, become more predictive, and competitive with data,” Cunningham said. “SnapLogic is really the right type of approach to take because we have a streaming architecture, a self-service user interface, and we have an elastic scale out capability.”

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