SnapLogic’s Recent Update Makes it Easier to Connect to Spark

SnapLogic is unveiling its Winter 2016 release of its flagship platform, further connecting users to flexible Spark capabilities and reliable big data integration solutions.

“With this release we make Spark accessible to more people in the enterprise,” said Erin Curtis, senior director of product marketing. “It lets you create a Spark data pipeline without being a Spark expert.”

The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform adds the ability to translate data pipelines into the Spark data processing framework without scripting with the new Spark mode for data pipelines.

This update allows users to choose between MapReduce, Spark or standard modes in order to ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, the upgrade adds new Snaps to the mix, allowing users to connect to a variety of data pipelines. The Winter release adds Snaps for Parquet and ORC, columnar storage solutions designed for big data and Hadoop, along with AWS S3, Anaplan, Eloqua, MySQL, NetSuite, and SOAP.

Other enhancements include an open source high-speed compression and decompression library for big data sources, support for multiple versions of Hadoop, the introduction of a new “queued” state for data pipeline tasks, and improvement of the cloud-based designer.

“We will continue to monitor the industry trends in terms of what are the frameworks customers are looking for in terms of big data,” Curtis said. “We’re also moving towards providing comprehensive data preparation and delivery for the modern data lake.”

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