Syncsort and Dell Partner to Accelerate Big Data Initiatives on Hadoop

Syncsort is working with Dell to help businesses improve operational efficiency and lower costs by shifting expensive workloads and associated data from enterprise data warehouses (EDW) to Hadoop.

Dell is working with Syncsort to integrate its Hadoop ETL software, DMX-h, with Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub as part of a new reference architecture to help organizations begin their big data journey. The reference architecture will enable customers to offload ETL workloads to Hadoop, increasing performance and freeing up valuable cycles in the EDW.

According to the vendors, the Dell-Syncsort reference architecture will bring together the components of big data and analytics environments in turnkey solutions.
“Today’s data warehouse is being strained with greater information demands and opportunities for existing and new types of data sources such as mobile technologies, cloud computing and social media,” said Jim Ganthier, vice president and general manager, Engineered Solutions and Cloud, Dell. “By delivering Syncsort’s powerful Hadoop ETL software as part of the world’s only reference architecture for data warehouse optimization, we will help customers increase data warehouse capacity, decrease associated costs, deliver faster access to business result-generating information while laying a secure, scalable and robust foundation for a modern data architecture.”

The key customer benefits addressed by the new architecture include

  • The ability to reduce Hadoop deployment to weeks, develop Hadoop ETL jobs within hours and become fully productive within days after deployment
  • Testing and validation of the DW Optimization solution
  • The ability for customers to reduce batch processing windows, gain faster time-to-insight, faster database user query performance and eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on additional EDW costs
  • Tight integration of the combined solution with Hadoop – and the ability now to avoid code generation making it easier to deploy and maintain with no performance impact or hurdles down the road

Dell also offers professional services for project management, solution architecture and testing and Syncsort Professional services for POC and implementation if required.

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