Tapping into the Best Strategies for Integrating to Hadoop with Josh Klahr at Data Summit 2017

Enterprises are always looking to improve their business intelligence strategies. Hadoop is one tool that can successfully support the onboarding of business intelligence workloads.

Josh Klahr, vice president of AtScale, addressed the “Do’s and Don’ts for Success with BI on Big Data” during his session at Data Summit 2017.

Over the many years Klahr has worked in the big data space, he’s learned a few things about how companies can benefit from different approaches to BI.

Enterprises shouldn’t have just one BI front end. Sometimes it takes a village to glean insights from data. Companies should make sure to institute standard definitions within their organization, Klahr explained. Queries need to be fast and reliable and companies need to determine static security policies.

“Security policies are useless if they don’t cover all the stock,” Klahr said.

The AtScale Agile Data Platform provides a schema on demand experience. The platform provides a true OLAP experience to ensure users are leveraging the Hadoop security ecosystem, Klahr explained.

“Don’t pursue strategies that require multi-policy layers,” Klahr said. “Enable secure multi-user access.”

According to Klahr, the roadmap for success consists of:

  • Deploying an on-cluster, scale-out solution
  • Leveraging data platform security
  • Looking for smart query optimization
  • Ensuring support for true OLAP business models
  • Pursuing a shared semantic layer for all tools

The Data Summit conference is taking place at the New York Hilton Midtown, May 16-17, 2017.

Many conference presentations have been made available by speakers at www.dbta.com/datasummit/2017/presentations.aspx.   


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