Teradata's 1,000 Node Test Operationalizes Complex Analytics at Scale in the Cloud

Teradata has announced the results of one of the largest-scale cloud analytic tests ever undertaken in the industry, demonstrating the scale at which enterprise customers can run their complex analytic workloads on a single system in the cloud.

Modern data platforms in global 3,000 organizations often support tens of thousands of users and thousands of mission-critical business applications. This activity level drives upwards of 100 million queries-per-day, executed against petabytes of continuously updated data.

Enterprises of the future will consider analytics-driven decisions essential to their success. Whether it is using predictive maintenance to ensure life-saving MRI scanners stay operational, or accurately tracking and forecasting the delivery of important packages, reliable and scalable analytics are critical to the day-to-day operations of Teradata’s customers. Organizations rely on these solutions to optimize their analytics in the cloud with increased efficiency and flexibility.

With the success of its recent scale test, Teradata proved that it can successfully operationalize analytics at scale on a single system of more than 1,000 nodes with 1,023 active users submitting thousands of concurrent queries, using a diverse set of mixed workloads, and with no system downtime or outages.

“As critical analytic workloads increasingly move to the cloud, we recognize the need to provide our largest enterprise customers with a single system to manage all of their complex analytics. Our solutions deliver easier automation, manageability and cost-efficiencies across their entire analytic ecosystem. Extending ease of management beyond scalability boundaries demonstrates that customers don’t have to trade the complexity associated with managing multiple instances for performance at scale,” said Hillary Ashton, chief product officer at Teradata. “We’ve proven the flexibility of our cloud technology to reliably deliver complex analytics at scale on an integrated data foundation.”

Teradata’s Innovation Lab led the execution of the cloud scale test on AWS. The goal was to highlight the capabilities of Teradata's future cloud architecture by pushing the limits of what many people consider possible in the cloud. Teradata’s analytic data platform featured multi-compute clusters, automated elasticity, low-cost object storage and push button provisioning.

"We’re thrilled to see the progress Teradata has made,” said Phil Cheetham, vice president, instance platforms, EC2, at AWS. "This scale test is one of the largest single system tests ever run on AWS, and it reflects the strength of the collaboration between our companies and the capabilities of our technologies when used together. We’re excited to see how Teradata customers benefit from segregating workloads in a single system in the cloud."

This single system test was executed over an extended period of several weeks on a distributed system consisting of over 1,000 servers with zero system downtime. It ran mixed workloads—both operational and DSS—something Teradata is uniquely differentiated to do with its robust workload management capabilities that give the platform a way to segregate workloads within a single system in the cloud.

For more information, go to www.teradata.com.


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