The Enterprise Impact of Streaming Data and IoT

The rise of streaming data and IoT and its implications for the enterprise were considered during sessions at Data Summit 2017, an annual conference presented by Big Data Quarterly and Database Trends and Applications, in NYC.

Here are four key takeaways on IoT and streaming data.

1-The rise of IoT: One of the main challenges businesses face while looking to invest in IoT is a lack of understanding about the value it offers or the use cases. There is a fundamental lack of understanding about the IoT data pipeline along with a lack of skills when it comes to understanding how to analyze IoT data. Security is of the biggest concerns relating to IoT. — John O'Brien, CEO and principal advisor at Radiant Advisors, and Anne Buff, business solutions manager and thought leader at SAS Institute

2-Using streaming data to improve security: Cyberattacks can be prevented by leveraging data to understand SIEM alerts. Streaming data offers a number of advantages for security because it is real time, enables proactive prevention, can correlated across data sources, can be customized per business requirements, evolves easily as needed and is multi-purpose. — Cy Erbay, senior director of technology, Striim

3-There is a paradigm shift in analytics going on: In the past, the traditional approach to analytics emphasized historical fact finding, analyzed persisted data, had a batch philosophy, a pull approach and was on demand. Streaming analytics, on the other hand, analyzes the current moment “now,” analyzes data directly in motion, analyzes data at the speed it was created, has a push approach, and provides continuous insights.  — Roger C. Rea, IBM Streams product manager, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

4-The streaming architecture: The truly streaming architecture will have everything in place to pull the human element in. Shant Hovespain, CTO and co-founder of Arcadia Data 

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