The Future of Analytics with Big Data Technologies

Analytics and the platforms that support big data are constantly evolving, being shaped by the need to deliver data faster to users and gain effective insights throughout the organization.

To be prepared for the future of analytics, enterprises must seek out a combination of tools, explained Kevin Petrie, senior director at Attunity, during a recent DBTA webinar.

“Variety is a good thing,” Petrie said. “Environments are getting increasingly complex in terms of number of platforms and that’s not a bad thing. Embrace the diversity.”

The forces shaping analytics today include digitization, competition, and the three cornerstones of big data which includes volume, veracity, and velocity.

Additionally, most organizations have mountains of data that is trapped by bottlenecks in the system. Complex, manual processes wind up preventing analytic insights, according to Petrie.

Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and the cloud are some of the technologies that can handle the demand the future will bring, Petrie noted.

By following a simple set of guidelines such as embracing variety, finding the right software or tools for a specific workload, and putting forth a strategy to improve data management ROI, enterprises will be ready to tackle big data challenges.

“If we start to consider best practices that implement these guiding principles, you want to test, then scale with elastic resources,” Petrie said.

Other best practices include combining new datasets across platforms for new insights, measuring what enterprises manage, and automating data management to focus on data science.

“When you automate you can really improve the efficiency and throughput of your work,” Petrie said.

Attunity delivers a host of solutions that can help enterprises achieve these objectives when it comes to data management, Petrie explained.

“We seek to help you rapidly move data where it needs to be, on premise or in the cloud,” Petrie said.

To view a replay of this webinar, go here.


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