The Importance of Information Governance in our Current Data Analytics Landscape

The second day of Data Summit 2017 began by focusing on the current state of big data analytics as it meets information governance.

The keynote was presented by Linda G. Sharp, associate general counsel at ZL Technologies, and Bennett B. Borden, chief data scientist at Drinker Biddle & Reath.

Their session, titled “Information Governance Meets Big Data Analytics” underscored the importance of maximizing the value of information while minimizing risks and costs.

Analytics in the marketplace is being used to determine trends regarding how people use things and what they like in order to gain consumers and keep them constantly engaged. This creates a problematic atmosphere as laws struggle to keep up with ensuring consumer privacy.

Lines are being constantly crossed when algorithms collect precarious information without a person knowing their data is being collected, Sharp and Borden explained.

Borden said people have to determine reasonable conduct in order to shape forthcoming laws.

Paul Sonderegger, data strategist at Oracle, expanded upon the keynote with his session, titled “Data Capital in the 21st Century.”

Data is now a kind of capital, on par with financial and human capital for creating new products and services, Sonderegger explained.

Data records information to produce goods or services. Companies can take advantage of this in two ways, with data trade or data liquidity.

With Oracle Daas-Data Cloud users can everage first plus third-party data and Create cross-channel understanding of the data.

By using Adaptive Intelligent Apps, users can derive insights to deliver accurate outcomes through AI, learn from user behavior, then react, change and optimize in real time.

Dan Zamansky, principal product manager at AWS, closed out the keynote with a lightspeed primer to AWS managed database services.

In response to the sluggishness and cost ineffiency to old world databases, AWS created its portfolio including Aurora, AWS Database Migration Services, and DynamoDB.

The Data Summit conference is taking place at the New York Hilton Midtown, May 16-17, 2017.

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