Timescale to Rebrand as Focus Expands on the Cloud and Future of Computing

Timescale, the cloud data platform company, is making a strategic move to reposition itself in the market, reflecting a significant transformation taking place within the organization that includes a refreshed visual identity, an updated website, and product restructuring.

According to the company, the rebrand is laying the foundation for future product innovation designed to better serve its customers and the developer community, who prioritize scalability, cost, and performance as they work towards more cloud-first deployments.

"Working with thousands of companies, we have realized this: the cloud is a tectonic shift in how software infrastructure is distributed and consumed, and we are still in the early stages of this change. By continuing to embrace the cloud, we have an opportunity to reinvent the database," said CEO Ajay Kulkarni. "We are excited to announce our repositioning effort, which accurately reflects the company we have become. We used to be a database company with a cloud product, now we are a cloud company with a database product.”

These changes come a year after the company announced its Series C funding of $110 million, which has enabled it to innovate in product development, expand its leadership and management teams and significantly expand the developer solutions it offers in markets spanning AI, IoT, crypto, energy, financial services, and more.

Timescale's rebranding reflects the company's continued dedication to innovation and providing better customer solutions and developer experience.

The company's evolution and strategic direction will enable it to remain at the forefront of the industry and better serve its customers and the developer community.

For more information about this news, visit www.timescale.com.


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