Trifacta Reveals New Data Wrangling Compute Framework

Trifacta, a provider of data wrangling technology, is introducing the Photon Compute Framework, providing users with an interactive platform for large in-memory datasets.

“We allow people to really interactively browse through the content of their data to understand how it’s distributed and what’s in the data,” said Will Davis, director of product marketing. “Every interaction is very fluid and kicks off a number of different feedback processes with other aspects of the data and also prompts a number of different suggestions in terms of how someone wants to transform their data.”

Photon was developed to eliminate disruptions during the data wrangling process and deliver a fluid data wrangling experience for data at any scale.

Architected to be Apache Arrow-compliant, Photon powers both Trifacta’s user experience, and complements Trifacta’s support for popular open source distributed data processing frameworks such as Apache Spark and MapReduce. 

Photon incorporates new technologies from high-performance in-memory compute frameworks and embeds them directly into the Trifacta interface, according to the company.

Photon will benefit Trifacta in a variety of ways, including the ability for users to receive immediate feedback when interacting with larger volumes of data, introduces a new feature that allows the platform to predict a users’ next move and make informed suggestions, and offers the option to run natively and directly within the browser and in single-node environments.

“We believe that providing this rich user experience is critical or users as they wrangle their data,” Davis said. “In order to provide more data and feedback to users we needed to engineer this new computational framework that provides more performance and gives more feedback to them as interact with data within the Trifacta application.”

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