UnifyCloud Now Supports Cloud Transformation on AWS

UnifyCloud, a leading provider of cloud modernization and transformation solutions, is expanding its CloudAtlas platform to include comprehensive support for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With this enhancement, UnifyCloud now offers a unified solution for cloud transformation across all three major cloud platforms—Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

In response to the increasing demand for multi-cloud solutions, UnifyCloud has extended its CloudAtlas capabilities to AWS, empowering even more organizations to simplify and accelerate the cloud journey and deliver seamless migration, modernization, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration for those looking to transform to AWS, according to the company.

UnifyCloud leverages its extensive experience accelerating cloud migrations to deliver industry-leading software supporting modernization, migration, and modernization to AWS in addition to ongoing support for Azure and Google Cloud.

The addition of AWS support exemplifies UnifyCloud's commitment to offering innovative, holistic, and wide-ranging support for cloud transformation, ensuring flexibility and choice for businesses across various cloud providers, according to the vendor.

Key features of UnifyCloud's CloudAtlas and its support for AWS:

  • Infrastructure assessment
  • AI integration
  • Application modernization
  • Automated remediation and migration
  • Cost estimation
  • Seamless migration
  • Security and compliance

“Expanding CloudAtlas to support migration to AWS was a logical and necessary development, marking a significant milestone in our mission to simplify and accelerate cloud transformation to all three major clouds for organizations worldwide,” said Marc Pinotti, CEO and co-founder of UnifyCloud. “With this enhancement, UnifyCloud makes CloudAtlas an even better platform for businesses with the flexibility to choose the right cloud environment for their unique needs, providing a unified platform that supports migration to Azure, Google Cloud, and now AWS.”

With CloudAtlas, businesses can get the analysis they need to make well-informed decisions, streamline their migration strategies, achieve a seamless transformation to the cloud, and maximize the benefits of modernized infrastructure for the three major hyperscalers, according to the vendor.

UnifyCloud’s CloudAtlas for AWS is available immediately.

For more information about this news, visit https://www.unifycloud.com.


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