XponentL Data and Tamr Partner to Deliver Innovative Data Product Solutions

XponentL Data (XponentL), a leading data products solution provider, and Tamr, Inc. (Tamr), a cloud-native data mastering solution, are partnering to deliver cutting-edge data product solutions.

According to the companies, this collaboration brings together two industry-leading companies with a shared vision of empowering clients to unlock the full potential of their data.

"We are thrilled to partner with Tamr," said Matt Arellano, chief data officer at XponentL. "This collaboration signifies our shared commitment to driving innovation and providing transformative data product solutions for our clients. By combining our strengths, we are confident that we can address critical data challenges, reduce time from question to answer and ultimately pave the way for enhanced operational efficiency and accelerated decision-making."

This partnership represents a unique opportunity for companies to achieve brilliant data experiences through the productization of their data leveraging Tamr’s world class technology and XponentL’s data product strategy, design, and engineering services, according to the companies.

By combining the expertise of XponentL and Tamr, clients in the Energy industry will benefit from advanced materials mastering capabilities. This includes robust data integration, harmonization, and data marketplace tools that enable efficient management, analysis, and search of complex material data.

These solutions will drive operational excellence, enhance decision-making processes, and improve overall productivity and efficiency for oil and gas companies.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the collaboration between XponentL and Tamr will focus on building data products aligned to biopharmaceutical value chain, from drug discovery to clinical trials to patient care, through the healthcare delivery in improving diagnosis, optimizing resource allocation, treating conditions, and streamline operations across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

By leveraging innovative data mastering and integration techniques, pharmaceutical companies will gain comprehensive insights into their vast repositories of clinical data. This will facilitate more accurate analysis, accelerate drug discovery, development, market access, safety, and adherence processes, and ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes, according to the vendors.

"Teaming up with XponentL allows us to harness the power of our cutting-edge mastering and data products software in conjunction with their deep understanding of specific industry sectors and how to help clients evolve towards a data product operating model,” said Andy Palmer, CEO of Tamr. “Together, we can revolutionize the way organizations leverage their data, unlocking valuable insights and empowering them to stay ahead in their respective industries."

For more information about this collaboration, visit https://xponentl.ai or www.tamr.com.


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