Entrinsik to Host Webinar on “Smashing Data Silos”

Not only has there been explosive growth in data over the past few years, but there has been a substantial growth in data types as well. This has resulted in data silos at many organizations, with different sets of data stored separately.

The inability to view data on a singular platform at the same time can make it difficult for companies to efficiently extract the value of data.

Tim Nicholson, director of Informer customer services with Entrinsik is hosting a webinar on how comprehensive data analysis capabilities can help an organization leverage data from diverse sources more effectively to save money, find new business opportunities, and stay competitive.

The reason Entrinsik is hosting this webinar is that this has become a common problem that we hear among customers with increasing data sources, stated Sharon Shelton, vice president of marketing with Entrinsik. Historically, if organizations wanted to extract data from multiple data sources they had to build data warehouses which could be time-consuming, complex, and expensive.

Informer is able to extract the data natively from its source, blend the data with other different types of data, and present it in one user interface. “When organizations are able to get a more holistic view of their data, they are able to make better decisions,” said Shelton. “Informer provides organizations with a holistic view without a data warehouse, although we are an awesome compliment to an installed data warehouse.”

The webinar, originally aired on July 29, 2015, is now available for on demand replay at here.