MV Vendors Look to the Role of MV in the Future

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Keith Lambert, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Kore Technologies

Real-time application integration is now an important part of the IT landscape. MultiValue applications need to fully embrace this paradigm, and it’s important for software vendors to provide open RESTful web service APIs for their solutions. This will enable integration with the increasing number of best-in-class cloud-based, mobile, and niche applications.

Third-party developers can use these APIs to create specialized value-add solutions to leverage their specific vertical expertise to fill a gap or specific need that’s not well supported by the MV application. Examples include ecommerce, product pricing and availability, CRM, and data warehousing.

Making the well-connected enterprise a reality will require integration software providers to supply the tools that make it faster and easier for developers to build REST APIs without requiring extensive knowledge of the technology or infrastructure.

With the increased availability of APIs and the ubiquitous adoption of REST, applications can begin to work more seamlessly with each other. This will further the goal of eliminating the islands of information that exist in many organizations today.

Kore Technologies is helping its clients and partners meet this challenge with Kourier Integrator and the Kourier REST Gateway, which simplify the building and deployment of bidirectional integrations using REST. Developers are more productive and have additional capabilities (e.g., “webhooks”) using Kore’s REST API framework, and the Kourier REST Gateway provides secure and rate limited access to MultiValue data. Additionally, Kourier’s REST APIs are easier for third-party developers to use.

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