MV Vendors Look to the Role of MV in the Future

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Mark Pick, President and CEO, Pick Cloud

In today’s  business environment (in any vertical market), demand for interoperability with third-party applications, external databases, and high availability in the cloud is paramount.

MultiValue has made great strides in this area. Technologies such as RESTful Web Services, Web 2.0, Python integration as well as being a natural fit for the cloud are just a few. Pick Cloud’s partnerships with MultiValue and non-MultiValue vendors alike provide our customers access to these integrations and technologies.

Pick Cloud offers our customers a way to address these challenges cost-
effectively with a wide array of options from cloud computing, managed hosting, monitoring, custom PICK programming, professional services, and more. Disaster recovery as a service, OpenQM database as a service, and short-term server leasing are among just a few of our cloud-based offerings. Cloud printing is also available with CirrusPrint—courtesy of our partnership with Synergetic Data Systems. We supply end users, developers, and VARs assistance with state-of-the-art hardware on a short-term basis for capabilities such as evaluations, proofs of concept, testing, and development environments.

We offer all these services at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hardware, software, and the IT costs of managing the server and software updates and upgrades. By taking over these tasks from the IT department, we let them focus on other concerns, such as innovation and helping increase their company’s bottom line.

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