MultiValue Vendors Help Extend MultiValue Systems

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Keith Lambert, VP, Marketing and Business Development,
Kore Technologies

Cloud-based solutions offer new capabilities, but MultiValue applications will continue to thrive in 2016. However, MV applications must evolve and adapt or fade away. As companies grow, they must extend and modernize their operations to support the business. They will often implement (and often integrate) third-party niche products to supplement the functionality of the core MV application.

While this practice is not new, the ease and speed at which cloud-based, SaaS applications can be implemented is relatively new. The approach to integrations is changing from batch file export/import to real-time queries and updates using RESTful Web Services (REST). This new emphasis is putting pressure on both the MV developers to add support for REST to their applications and the end users of MV applications to use new techniques and/or products to integrate with SaaS applications already designed to support REST.

Kore is helping its partners and clients meet this challenge with Kourier Integrator, our easy-to-use and versatile REST integration solution. Kourier simplifies the process of building bi-directional integrations and can leverage existing business logic. Kourier’s framework enables developers to be more productive and focus on the application interface instead of low level details such as resource security and transaction

Cloud-based applications are here to stay, and real-time integration via REST is becoming the new standard. End users and developers will use this technology to keep the core functionality of MV applications relevant while extending them via integration to cloud-based solutions.


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