MultiValue Vendors Help Extend MultiValue Systems

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Doug Leupen, President and CEO,

Our MultiValue customers are facing pressure from an increasingly competitive market to access and utilize critical data from both enterprise MultiValue databases and silos of SQL data in other business applications. They need tools that can blend critical data by bridging the gap between MV and SQL data in
order to glean important insights to make data-driven decisions. Here at Entrinsik, our Informer Reporting & BI software has been the solution to this challenge for years. Informer was originally built for MultiValue systems and allows instant, live access to data from multiple sources,including both MultiValue systems and SQL applications, all in one consolidated view.

We are continually evolving our software to meet the evolving needs of MV customers by adding new features, upgrading functionality, and creating a more intuitive interface. For example, in a past release of Informer (v. 4.4), we added a “MultiValue View” to report results, which allows for
collation among common fields to produce a parent-child view within a single row. This ability is a huge time-saver for MV users and is uncommon in other BI solutions that don’t often cater to the MultiValue community. Entrinsik has worked very closely with our MV customers, and we pride ourselves on our ability to improve our software and develop innovative, problem-solving solutions that are specific to their unique challenges and needs.

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