MultiValue Vendors Help Extend MultiValue Systems

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Pete Loveless, CEO,
BlueFinity International

Many companies that have MultiValue systems also rely on SQL and other databases.These SQL databases have either been inherited in acquisitions, purchased as part of off the shelf packages, or simply used to leverage the specific benefits of each database for selected applications. These companies are also finding that they need to deliver their internal and product solutions as part of an app or open development on all the different platforms, operating systems, and technologies. And, they must integrate fully with the appropriate databases and present, through the UI, a consolidated picture to the user across various database platforms. 

The start of 2016 sees the imminent release of the new version of Evoke, the rapid app development platform that now includes components, such as MV/SQL Database support, offline device capability, native devices, and real-time code generation. Following the successful new releases of our mv.NET and mv.SSIS products last year, BlueFinity accelerated our investment in Evoke. We have our first Evoke customers, and many people are talking about Evoke even before it is fully released.

Complementing mv.NET and mv.SSIS, Evoke offers a really easy and effective way for applications to access multiple databases
and/or database technologies from within a single app, in order to allow the UI to present a consolidated picture to the end user from multiple devices but with full read/write transactional functionality still supported. We are excited to now start to share the power with which Evoke resolves the pressures
facing MultiValue customers.

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