Rocket to Host MultiValue University in Las Vegas – October 5-8

Rocket Software will be hosting MultiValue University (MVU) October 5-8 in Las Vegas, NV. Rocket has had previous conferences that were focused on mostly U2 data. “This is the first one since we have joined together with the D3 team and we’re calling it MultiValue University. We’ll have sessions for all of the MultiValue databases in Rockets DBMS and applications server solution area,” stated Jackie Burhans, senior channel marketing manager, MVpartner enablement, Rocket Software.

MVU is Rocket’s premiere training event, containing both technical sessions and hands-on labs. There will be more than 40 technical sessions on a range of topics, including security, mobile, high availability, modern languages, reporting and BI. In addition, there will be 10 labs in total, including nine defined labs and a “choose your own” lab. Each lab is typically a two-and-a-half-hour session that has a guided step by step process designed to teach a particular concept. In the end, the attendee will be able to see some running results from using the Rocket software.  Each lab will have an instructor and two lab assistants to provide assistance if a user encounters any issues. “We’ve had lots of attendees say, ‘I’m kind of interested in that technology but it wasn’t until I got to play with it myself that I felt confident to move forward,’” stated Burhans.

 Another popular part of the event is certification testing for both administrators and programmers. “We’ll have a certification lab open the whole time and all of the certifications tests are part of the registration fee, there is no additional fee,” Burhans explained. Attendees will be able to select the database and version that they would like to be certified in or do the programmers certification.

New for the conference this year are tracks on hot topics. “For example, mobile is very hot so we set up a high-level overview of mobile application development challenges, training on RESTful web services, details on how to use those with Rockets tools, and finally, we give you the hands-on lab,” said Burhans.

The first day of the event will also celebrate Rocket turning 25 and MultiValue turning 50. “We would just like to thank all of our premiere media sponsors who are making this event as cost-efficient as possible for the attendees,” stated Burhans.

For more information on MVU go here.