Special MultiValue Technology Report: Vendors Rise to Meet New Data Challenges

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Mission-critical applications in the banking, education, retail, healthcare, oil and gas, government, and travel industries depend on trusted MultiValue database systems. Yet, emerging requirements also demand that MultiValue data be integrated with other data repositories and become accessible to users in new ways.

In this special section, DBTA asks MultiValue vendors: What are the new challenges your customers are facing and how are you helping to extend and leverage data in critical MultiValue systems?

Read what Mike Ruane (Revelation Software), Dan McGrath (Rocket Software), Ken Dickinson (Kore Technologies), Doug Leupen (Entrinsik), Mark Pick (Pick Cloud, Inc.), Dan Ell  (jBase International), and David Cooper (BlueFinity) have to say.

Mike Ruane, President and CEO, Revelation Software

At Revelation Software, we’re hearing from our customers that more and more of them are beginning to evaluate the cloud as a part of their business models. There is a design known as a “Cloud/Client Architecture.” Gartner describes this as where “The cloud is the control point and system ... the client environment may be a native application or browser based.” Revelation Software’s combination of native OpenInsight applications and browser-based O4W applications seems to match that trend exactly. Developers can have both desktop and mobile applications that work against and access the same data. We want to make sure that we give our customers, and their customers, the ability to get to their data. We give them both desktop and mobile access.

However, even with the increased interest in the cloud, we’re not forgetting about our desktop users. We’re deep in development of OpenInsight 10.0, which will be available in both 32- and 64-bit versions. This release will be a complete rewrite of many of our tools—including our Form Designer and Presentation Manager. This will enable us to offer greatly expanded capabilities for our users and developers, as well as for ourselves. Most of OpenInsight is written in OpenInsight, so every improvement we make to the product, we use in making the product. It’s a great feedback cycle.

Dan McGrath, Managing Director for Research and Development, U2 Servers, Rocket Software

Enterprises today have a wide variety of data stores. The need for both transferring data between these databases and for accessing multiple data stores via a single application is putting increasing pressure on IT staff to deliver the information needed to drive business decisions.

Rocket provides solutions to help enterprises transform data into information, as well as products to manage and understand the increasingly complex and connected underlying network infrastructures. Rocket enables exposing the MultiValue (MV) databases as technology-independent SOAP or RESTful web services end-points using U2 DBTools (UniData/UniVerse databases) or MVS Toolkit (D3/mvBase databases). This provides a consistent access layer for everything from mobile applications to B2B communication channels. Rocket MV databases also enable you to interact with foreign databases using External Database Access or the D3 Oracle Gateway and support MQSeries.

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