Special MultiValue Technology Report: Vendors Rise to Meet New Data Challenges

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The Rocket CorVu product line can simultaneously source information from multiple databases, including the UniData/UniVerse databases. Rocket plans to deliver a version extending native access to the D3/mvBase databases in 2014. CorVu is a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics solution that delivers information in reports and dashboards, both via connected and mobile devices.

Looking at the bigger picture, managing a modern, complex infrastructure with multiple interconnected data stores can be time-consuming and difficult. Rocket NetCure solves this problem. It auto-discovers every element of a network and automates the monitoring and management of this infrastructure down to the database layer—including the Rocket’s U2 databases. Alerts can be delivered via SMS to mobile devices, enabling 24x7 monitoring of your network by a single administrator.

Ken Dickinson, Managing Partner, Kore Technologies

MultiValue databases provide a fast and reliable environment for supporting the main transactional processing of a business. Our clients continue to look to us for solutions to extract the vast amount of data collected into a normalized SQL data warehouse for business intelligence and reporting. The demand for better analytics continues to be strong but we are also seeing an increased demand for integration with third-party applications (e.g., CRM) as well as consolidating data from other non-MultiValue systems. This has influenced the features we developed for our latest release of Kourier Integrator.

Release 4 now supports extracting and consolidating data from Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access into the data warehouse. We’ve also made it easier to do bi-directional integration with third-party solutions, in either real-time or asynchronously. For clients integrating to cloud-based applications using the framework (e.g.,, we have developed a special adaptor.

Our clients also recognize that they need to adapt their own business to be friendlier to online and mobile users. A contemporary and robust ecommerce website not only emanates a more professional corporate image but also makes it easier for companies to do business with them in today’s modern age. We continue to invest in our KommerceServer ecommerce solution supporting the latest features, trends, and .NET technologies. By leveraging our Kourier Integrator engine, we can seamlessly connect KommerceServer to any back-office environment.

Doug Leupen, President and CEO, Entrinsik

MultiValue customers are facing the growing challenge of accessing increasing amounts of available data from both enterprise MultiValue databases and silos of SQL databases supporting complementary business applications. MV database users have an increasing need for tools that can bridge the gap between MV and SQL data sources with a logical integrated view.

While our Informer reporting and BI software was originally built for MultiValue systems, it now enables instant, live access to data from multiple sources, including SQL databases, all in one consolidated view. We are continually evolving our software to meet the new needs of MV and SQL customers by adding new features, upgrading functionality, and creating intuitive interfaces in order to provide the easiest end-user experience possible.

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