2023: MultiValue Looks Toward the Future

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Kathy Larson, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Rocket Software

Despite an uncertain economic landscape, 2022 was a year of growth for Rocket Software. We continued to grow our global talent base. While cutting costs is a yearly goal, Rocket Software’s success through such turbulent times has hinged on our ongoing investments in innovation and the continued need for mission-critical organizations to modernize and recession-proof their own tech stacks. By constantly improving Rocket Software’s products and processes, including the MultiValue platform, we have strengthened customer relationships. Such growth would not be possible without the MultiValue team, its customers, and partners.

In 2023, Rocket Software will double down on our investment in its MultiValue platform to ensure customers can continuously modernize. Customers are looking for robust data security, automated digital exchange of data and services via APIs, disaster recovery tools, cloud and hybrid deployment options, and the MultiValue platform provides modern tools to address these areas. In late 2021, Rocket Software acquired Zumasys, Inc.’s database and tools products. This year, the company will focus on integrating those products to help future-proof the MultiValue ecosystem.

Rocket Software will also focus on continuing to deliver our industry-leading technical support for MultiValue customers. The company understands that our customers are our most valuable asset, which is why Rocket Software is committed to providing quick and efficient solutions to critical business problems through 24-hour, 7-days-a-week support channels.

Additionally, Rocket Software and the MultiValue team will again commit to narrowing the MultiValue skills gaps for developers. Customers must attract new developer talent, and with thousands of available extensions, Rocket Software’s MultiValue platform can attract both new and seasoned professionals who are familiar with not only Python but also BASIC, Visual Studio Code, and other modern technologies.

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