2023: MultiValue Looks Toward the Future

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Mike Ruane, President and CEO, Revelation Software

It’s probably fair to say that the Covid pandemic did more to change the idea of “A Day at the Office” than anything in the last fifty years has.

Both employers and employees had to learn, very quickly, how to be able to keep their businesses running with few employees physically in the actual office. Software applications that may have run on local networks suddenly had to pivot to allow users to connect from their homes. With these changes, a plethora of issues became apparent; some are as simple as printing, others are more complex, dealing with security. Eventually, adequate systems and procedures were put into place, and most organizations were able to survive the pandemic.

Now that it has mostly passed though, employees and employers are faced with the reality that not everyone will be working in the office all of the time. Access has been democratized for all users, regardless of their point of access, whether it be a handheld device, a PC at home, or a terminal in the office.

Given all of these changes, what did we do at Revelation Software to make our OpenInsight-based systems work better for our clients? We listened to our customers and made changes to the product, per their requests. We added options for tracking multiple users who may be using the same login as they used RDP to a central server. We added more options for printing, including revamping our ability to generate and transmit PDF output. We enhanced our network communication and made changes to our indexing architecture for better performance.

We plan to continue to make enhancements as we believe this to be the new normal. We’ll continue to make the applications developed with OpenInsight more portable, easier for administrators to manage and diagnose remotely, and recover from connectivity issues more easily. And we’ll evaluate user requests as they come in. We will continue to make OpenInsight a better application for all who use it.

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