2023: MultiValue Looks Toward the Future

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Malcom Carroll, Director, BlueFinity

It is a different working world post-Covid. Tighter economic conditions have combined with staff shortages leading to a general acceptance of the hybrid working environment.

The effect for technology companies in general and, BlueFinity in particular, is very positive. Economic concerns always lead to companies seeking innovation, and the increased use of apps significantly reduces costs and expands both reach and service to their customers and employees.

Requirements for the introduction of apps to automate working practices and better support the hybrid working environment is an expected result. With Evoke, this is aided greatly by the ability to deploy apps to work on both the desktop and mobile devices from a common easily set up WYSIWYG design so that work may seamlessly continue from the office, at home, or on the move. It also provides support for overall DevOps integration. Evoke’s sophisticated use of the cloud provides for multiple developers to work on the same design from multiple locations within a controlled project environment.

Hybrid working has also increased the requirement for advanced levels of security for both in-office and remote working. Evoke’s more recent inclusion of additional security, such as single sign-on via Azure Active Directory, is now a much-used feature.

In the MultiValue world, the increased shortage of MV staff is being addressed by Evoke’s innovative approach. As part of Evoke’s advanced MV/SQL integrated infrastructure, the platform has the ability to transpose the view of MV data within an Evoke design to optionally be structured/understood like SQL, but still be multivalued/sub-valued, as well as incorporating DataBasic, in the database. This means that MS SQL personnel can gain far greater access to elements of legacy MV systems as it appears within Evoke to be more familiar to them. Far more of the work in respect of modernizing legacy systems that was previously completely reliant on the involvement of MV experts, can now be taken up by MS SQL personnel.

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