2023: MultiValue Looks Toward the Future

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Mark Pick, President and CEO, Pick Cloud

With 2023 bringing more economic uncertainties, businesses continue to use a hybrid approach for employee workflows and their corporate infrastructure. This means accessing their mission-critical business applications from home and the office, 24-hours a day, seven-days-a-week. It also means that 24/7/365 access and security are at the front of mind at all times, as well as cost-effective cloud options.

Our Google platform has allowed us to be secure as well as cost-effective. It integrates with nearly all on-premise and other data center technologies—making a hybrid cloud environment an excellent and cost-effective choice for MultiValue clients. Google uses the latest and greatest security and data center technologies to ensure that even the smallest cloud customer enjoys the same security protections as they do.

Cloud computing and MultiValue go hand-in-hand. The MultiValue application is natural for cloud computing. We often say that the MultiValue/PICK has come full circle with its original use in a time-sharing environment. Now that cloud computing is widely accepted, it has made software vendors more aware of all the necessary compliances that must be included in their products to make for successful migration and functionality. Things like security and compliance are paramount when selecting a cloud provider.

This year at Pick Cloud, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary of putting MultiValue clients in the cloud. We have been a cloud-forward company since day one; we have provided MultiValue clients with a cost-effective, secure, worry-free cloud environment; we keep up to date with the latest cloud technologies and security advancements while maintaining our close relationship with Rocket Software. And, since we aren’t ordering servers, hard drives, or parts, we have been unaffected by supply chain issues that an on-premise environment may be susceptible to.

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