AtomicDB Aggregates Big Data

As information technology has improved, one thing that has grown exponentially over the past few years has been data. According to SINTEF, a research organization in Scandinavia, a full 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last 2 years.  Many companies are now flooded with tremendous amounts of data and are struggling to organize and make use of it all. One of the reasons for this is the range of sources of the different types of data from new data sources. The variety of data sources can also present security issues as well. To address these concerns, AtomicDB is proposing an associative-based system, which, it says, is more secure and productive.

“We are proposing a single source. With AtomicDB, we are the aggregation system. That allows for us to sit on top of all of an organization’s databases and give you one source,” explained Jean-Michel LeTennier, CTO of AtomicDB.

According to the vendor, AtomicDB is a database that allows users to keep their old systems if they choose to, but enables them to have access to a single source.  This brings users from the third normal form to transition to the N normal form.

“The N Normal form is not defined by anyone but us because it is new science,” explained LeTennier. Associative data doesn’t manage the data elements. It manages the connectors between the elements. AtomicDB is a filtering system instead of a query system. “Eighty percent of the world’s SQL money is spent writing queries. In our world, there are only five and they are always the same. You just change the variables,” explained Letennier. This allows for greater levels of efficiencies than the traditional methods.

AtomicDB will be announcing a new user interface that will be more streamlined and contain more user functionality.

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