Data and Donuts Explores Next-Generation Cloud with Avalanche

The second day of Data Summit 2019 opened up with “Data and Donuts,” a presentation featuring Paul Wolmering, VP worldwide sales engineering, Actian Corporation. His discussion focused on next-generation cloud data warehousing and what it takes to deliver insights from real-time data economically and at scale with hybrid data regardless of location, in the cloud, on-premises or both.

The sixth annual Data Summit conference is being held in Boston, May 21-22, 2019, with pre-conference workshops held on May 20.

Legacy enterprise data systems hinder business growth, Wolmering explained.

“Time marches forward and these systems begin to slow down,” Wolmering said. “If you roll forward a bit the cloud comes into play.”

While the cloud is easy to use, it promises a lot, there are some issues with it not “living up to the hype,” Wolmering said.

“What you might start out with is great but when you move into the production environment your budget gets blown out,” Wolmering said.

Because of these issues, Actian created Avalanche which is fully managed with pre-built connectors, performance at scale, and more.

“We have a lot of interesting technologies in the product with the ability to scale right up to production and it’s delivered with a great price for performance number,” Wolmering said.

The platform is hybrid by design without any cloud lock-in. Users can load and go exchange between query workloads.

“The idea behind it is, you don’t have to train new people behind new technology stacks,” Wolmering said.

The ability to reach out to a variety of data sources and pull those data sets in is one of the cornerstones of Avalanche, according to Wolmering. An integration management service can automatically help users control all the data.

“Avalanche is more than just a database, it’s a platform with services plugged in to allow you to do more than a traditional data warehouse,” Wolmering said.

Another important feature is the ability to run real-time updates, minute by minute to get answers very quickly, Wolmering said. The lifecycles of AI and machine learning are shortened, changing the way they are processed.

“This gives you the ability to detect fraud almost instantly,” Wolmering said. “We now empower the business to do what they want to do at business speed.”

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