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Monday, May 20, 2019

Preconference Workshops

W1: Machine Learning Best Practices
W2: Data Ops 101
Mark Marinelli - W2_Marinelli.pdf (5 MB)
W3: Data Science Best Practices
W4: Cognitive Computing 101

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Welcome & Keynote - Big Data, Technological Disruption, and the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Corner
Sponsored Keynote presented by Oracle - Information as Competitive Advantage
Lee Levitt - 0930_Levitt.pdf (6 MB)
Sponsored Keynote presented by Pythian Group Inc. - A Big Data Reality Check: A View from the Front Lines of Data Analytics

Moving to a Modern Data Architecture

A101: Building a Modern Data Architecture
Richard Sherman - A101_Sherman.pdf (9 MB)
A102: The New World of Database Technologies
Craig S. Mullins - A102_Mullins.pptx (11 MB)
A103: Understanding Cloud Licensing
Corey & Sullivan - A103_Corey.pptx (173 MB)
A104: Overcoming Big Data Integration Challenges
A105: Securing the Internet of Things
Jeff Crume - A105_Crume.pdf (7 MB)

Competing on Analytics

B101: Taking Your Analytics to the Next Level
Kimberly Nevala - B101_Nevala.pdf (1 MB)
Ganes Kesari - B101_Kesari.pdf (8 MB)
B102: Data Science Best Practices
Anne Buff - B102_Buff.pptx (2 MB)
B103: Analytics in Action
Badal Shah - B103_Shah.pptx (1 MB)
Paige Roberts - B103_Roberts.pptx (16 MB)
B104: Delivering Trusted Data
Robin Rappaport - B104_Rappaport.ppt (3 MB)
B105: Everyday Chaos

Data Lake Boot Camp

C101: Building a Data Lake for the Enterprise
C102: Data Discovery in Data Lakes
C103: PANEL: Data Lakes: Challenges and Opportunities
C104: Data Lakes in Action
Joshi & Chen - C104_Joshi.pdf (5 MB)
Ori Rafael - C104_Rafael.pptx (2 MB)
C105: Frameworks for the Future

Cognitive Computing & AI Summit

CS101: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence
Seth Earley - CS101_Earley.pptx (18 MB)
CS102: Machine Learning in the Real World
CS103: AI in Action
Don Spaulding - CS103_Spaulding.pptx (4 MB)
CS104: AI Success Factors
Polina Reshetova - CS104_Reshetova.pptx (14 MB)
CS105: Exploring Machine Learning

Networking Reception

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Data & Donuts Presentation Sponsored by Actian Corporation
Opening Keynote - Digital Transformation Is Business Transformation: How to Incorporate AI Technology Into a 130-Year-Old Company
Helena Deus - 0900_Deus.pptx (19 MB)
Sponsored Keynote presented by Gemini Data - The Evolution of Big Data Analytics
Matthew Deyette - 0945_Deyette.pptx (7 MB)

Building the Data-Driven Future

A201: Winning With a Modern Data Strategy
Shelly Brown - A201_Brown.pptx (3 MB)
A202: Supporting Modern Applications
A203: Designing for Speed & Scalability
Prakriteswar Santikary - A203_Santikary.pptx (6 MB)
A204: The Rise of Knowledge Graphs
Bob Kasenchak - A204_Kasenchak.pptx (4 MB)

Digital Transformation

B201: Achieving a 360-Degree Customer View
Jay Benedetti - CloverDX_DataSummit_v1.2.pdf (1 MB)
B202: Digital Transformation in the Real World
B203: Tapping Into New Data Sources for Business Value
B204: Emerging Applications for Blockchain

DataOps Boot Camp

C201: Succeeding With DataOps Today
Christopher P Bergh - C201_Bergh.pptx (10 MB)
C202: The Rise of Containers
Fried & Carroll - C202_Fried.pdf (2 MB)
C203: Operationalizing Big Data Workloads
C204: Unlocking the Power of Data Wrangling

Cognitive Computing & AI Summit

CS201: Machine Learning Best Practices
CS202: Diving Into Deep Learning
Lakshman Bulusu - CS202_Bulusu.ppt (750 KB)
CS203: AI Use Cases Today
CS204: PANEL: Ethical Considerations of AI Technologies

Closing Keynote

CLOSING KEYNOTE - Bring It Home: How to Advance Your Analytics Strategies
John O'Brien - 1600_OBrien.pdf (4 MB)

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