Dell Boomi Releases PaaS for Integration, MDM, and API Management

In the past few years there has been an explosion of integration endpoints due to social, mobile, and other new kinds of technology. With this surge, there is a need for organizations to have a platform that keeps all of their endpoints under control to ensure quality.

To address these challenges, Dell Software has announced that Dell Boomi has released full API lifecycle management. This single platform makes it easy for customers to move, manage and govern data using a single interface, increasing productivity and reducing complexity.

According to Dell, organizations are making a transition from using APIs to expose legacy services to internal developers to now dealing with the dramatic increase in integration endpoints that need to be consumed by external constituents. To do this, they need modern tools to help them rapidly create, publish and manage new APIs and ensure superior quality of service to these constituents.

“We believe this single vendor solution provides an economy of skill. You teach the developer one skill and it is now applicable to multiple areas in the enterprise,” said Chris McNabb, GM of Dell Boomi. The tasks of creating, publishing, and managing APIs is not always available through one vendor such as Dell Boomi so this makes the process more efficient and streamlined for users. The patented atom architecture allows for deployment anywhere throughout the world. Being so flexible in deployment allows for all of the benefits of cloud and more security options as well.

The multi-purpose platform as a service (PaaS) supports all major integration use cases, master data management (MDM), and API Management. Having all of these options on one platform will reduce complexity for developers and increases efficiency. Dell Boomi performs three major tasks: create, publish, and manage API services across an enterprise.

Dell Boomi allows for users to create new APIs or use existing APIs from the Boomi integration process. Developers can also modernize any legacy SOAP web service in 15-30 minutes. Many major companies still use SOAP web services and this allows for those services to not become sunk costs for those organizations, the company says.

In addition, said McNabb,.“We are able to support a flexibility of deployment architectures in our product which is really important for in particular our larger customers. To be able to deploy on-premise or in the cloud is an important decision.” Users are able to build private clouds which offer the benefits of the cloud architecture, and yet still retain compliance around data privacy of the EU for a particular region.

Dell Boomi also allows users to centrally manage all of their end points within a single screen on a unified dashboard. It will track all types of pertinent information for a users web services to make sure they are operating to the best of their abilities.

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