Exploring Oracle’s Big Data Discovery: The Visual Face of Hadoop

Hadoop has continued its growth and become part of the consciousness of decision makers dealing with big data. However, Hadoop is a still too advanced for the typical business user to work with. To help make it easier, Oracle has created Big Data Discovery, a product that aims to help simplify Hadoop for the average business user.

The new Oracle product was showcased in a recent DBTA webcast with Rich Clayton, vice president, Business Analytics Products Group, Oracle; and Omri Traub, vice president, software development, Oracle.

The interest in learning more about Hadoop stems from their desire to implement Hadoop lakes or reservoirs along with their data warehousing for additional data storage. Management of big data is new to many businesses though.

There are two main hurdles when getting started working with big data - uncertainty about the data, and tool complexity. “Customers spend 80% of the time evaluating, preparing, and wrestling with data found in Hadoop and only 20% of the time creating valuable insights with their data,” explained Clayton.  In addition, he said, Hadoop is too technical and the existing BI tools were not created for Hadoop.

“We set out to build a single visual user interface that is both intuitive and interactive to accomplish this entire workflow of working with data,” said Traub.  Oracle Big Data Discovery is built natively in Hadoop to transform raw data into business insights in minutes.  “Think of it as the visual face of Hadoop,” he said. The basic steps of Big Data Discovery are to find, explore, transform, discover, and share the raw data that is stored in Hadoop.

To view the webcast go here.