Gaining Insight into Customer Behavior at Data Summit 2018

Data intelligence about people, places and things, along with the connection between physical and digital addresses has a serious impact on understanding customers.

Dan Adams, VP product management, data, Pitney Bowes, presented his session, “Achieving a 360 Customer View Starts with Addressing Intelligence” on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 during Data Summit 2018.

Knowing your customer all starts with knowing where they are located, detailed intelligence about what is around them, and how to reach them at the right time with the right message, explained Adams.

Disruption is normal and constant disruptions leads to increased business pressure. These days everything is digital and it’s imperative than ever to place the right bets when experimenting with what works.

The customer’s perspective is the one that matters the most. By using spatial information: person, place, things, companies can glean relevant business insights by understanding the relationships between them.

“Tying those gives insights as to what’s going on,” Adams said.

An address anchors 1000s of data points and converting an address or location into knowledge is the goal.

To achieve this, companies should utilize address cleaning and standardization and geocoding and reverse geocoding.  This will convert data to business assets.

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