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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Welcome & Keynote - Once We Know Everything
David Weinberger - 0900_Weinberger.pdf
Sponsored Keynote - Oracle
Paul Sonderegger - 0945_Sonderegger.pptx
Modern Data Architecture Design
Richard Sherman - A101_Sherman.pdf
Jeff Fried - A101_Fried.pptx
Making the Shift From Relational to NoSQL
Jason Hall - A102_Hall.pdf
IoT Data Strategies
Will Ochandarena - A103_Ochandarena(1).pptx
Jeff Healey - A103_Healey.pptx
Jeff Healey - A103_Healey(1).pptx
Overcoming Big Data Integration Challenges
Kevin Scott - A104_Scott.pdf
The Rise of Graphs & Enterprise Data Fabric
Scott Heath - A105_Heath.pdf
Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise
Anne Buff - B101_Buff.pptx
Lynda Partner - B101_Partner.pptx
A 360° Customer View
Zak Pines - B102_Pines.pptx
Analytics in Action
Silva & Ge - B103_Silva.pptx
Joel Sehr - B103_Sehr.pdf
Beating the Barriers to Better Analytics
William Davis - B104_Davis.pptx
The Future of Analytics
Lindy Ryan - B105_Ryan.pdf
Bedford & McBreen - B105_Bedford.pdf
The Big Data Ecosystem Today
David Teplow - H101_Teplow.pptx
Sumit Pal - H101_Pal.pptx
Data Lake Best Practices
Sean Martin - H102_Martin.pdf
The Hybrid Future of Big Data
Unleashing Your Big Data With Spark
Shaked Bar - H104_Bar.pptx
The Challenges & Tactics for Improving Analytic Performance
The Rise of AI
Todd Sundsted - CS101_Sundsted.pptx
The Path to Cognitive Search
Machine Learning in the Real World
John Duprey - CS103_Duprey.pptx
From Zero To Hero With TensorFlow
PANEL: Beyond “Do No Harm”— The Complex Considerations of Ethical AI

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Keynote - Capturing Value With Cognitive Computing: Executing on Data Challenges
Hadley Reynolds - 0845_Reynolds.pdf
Sponsored Keynote - IBM
Chris Reuter - 0930_Reuter.pptx
Sponsored Keynote - Bedrock Data
Taylor Barstow - 0945_Barstow.pdf
The Rise of DataOps
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman - A201_PotVin-Gorman.pptx
Modern Analytical Techniques
Erez Kaminski - A202_Kaminski.pdf
Preparing for GDPR
Kristina Podnar - A203_Podnar.pptx
The New World of Blockchain
Kalra & Challa - A204_Kalra.pdf
Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise
The Trust Factor in the Analytics Era
Steve Zisk - B202_Zisk.pptx
Taking Advantage of Big Data Disruption
Steve Sarsfield - B203_Sarsfield.pptx
Succeeding With Big Data in the Real World
The Journey to the Cloud
Kamal & Kubik - C201_Kamal.pdf
Kubik & Kamal - C201_Kubik.pdf
Cloud Success in the Real World
Danil Zburivsky - C202_Zburivsky.pptx
Straight Talk on Cloud Licensing
Corey & Bolton - C203_Corey.pdf
Managing Big Data Analytics in the Cloud
Scott Jeschonek - C204_Jeschonek.pptx
Ranking and Relevancy
Elizabeth Haubert - CS201_Haubert(1).pptx
Self-Learning Systems in Action
Mitkovska & Puzicha - CS202_Mitkovska.pdf
Building a Cognitive Computing Platform
Getting Cognitive With Security
Closing Keynote: What Does the Data Tell Us?

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