Kore Spotlights KommerceServer 5.4 for Eclipse Users

Kore Technologies showed off the 5.4 release of KommerceServer at the Eclipse Users Group’s annual Encounter conference. The KommerceServer eCommerce Suite encompasses the webStoreFront, webPortal, webAdminstration and Mobile Editions. It contains significant out-of-the-box functionality for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce environments. 

The event featured networking opportunities, vendor presentations, and training sessions focused around Epicor’s Eclipse ERP software for wholesalers in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and PVF industries. “It is right in our main niche for MultiValue, data warehousing, and integration. There are a lot of distributors and manufacturers and our products are a great fit for them,” explained Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and business development with Kore Technologies. “With KommerceServer 5.4, it’s a great fit because so many of these companies don’t have active websites and they’re looking to go into more e-commerce websites with online ordering.”

Kore also was able to gain valuable feedback from surveys conducted at the conference. “Many attendees enjoyed the presentation, and a few wished they had more time with KommerceServer 5.4. The survey also indicated that many of the attendees do have an e-commerce website but it is not where it needs to be when it comes to managing content, modern look and feel, and product information management as well,” stated Anita Mackie, marketing assistant with Kore Technologies. Many of the organizations that attended the conference did so for educational purposes to be able to leverage e-commerce in the near future.

“There has been a shift in people’ attitudes toward an e-commerce website and their brick and mortar. They used to view it as more competitive; certainly the majority of people now see it as complementary,” observed Ken Dickinson, co-founder and managing partner with Kore Technologies.

“We are well known in the Eclipse community, but we were happy that there were a lot of new companies that took interest in version 5.4 and attended our sessions,” noted Dickinson.

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