Looking to the Future of MultiValue

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With a new year and a new decade just beginning, MultiValue leaders are anticipating new opportunities for this well-established technology. There are many issues to consider, including what customers are currently looking for in their MV solutions, whether MV is ready for AI, and the impact of cloud, security, and privacy concerns.

In this annual MultiValue Special Report, DBTA asks MV executives this two pronged question: As we enter 2020, what will spark the next set of trends in the MultiValue space for the decade ahead, and is your MV platform ready to address new demands?

Mike Ruane, President and CEO, Revelation Software

We expect security capabilities that provide defense from active attacks and theft of data, as well as from ransomware attacks, to become more and more critical. Continuity of operations planning (COOP) is becoming more important to even the smallest sites. As more data and operations are moved to the cloud, we will continue to work with our customers to make sure that their system infrastructures are as robust as they can be. But, given that new types of attacks can still destroy data, we want to make sure that systems built using Revelation Software products will continue to work with evolving backup technologies. We no longer have the luxury of an overnight period when databases are quiet and full backups can be made. As newer snapshot backups and backup services are developed, we need to make sure that when they are run against our customers’ applications, they get usable backups that will work, if and when they are needed.

As for privacy concerns, and protecting against the stealthy theft of data that does not destroy it, we will continue to make available to our customers the latest encryption technologies to protect their data in transit and at rest.

The MultiValue world has done well these last 19,000 days, evolving as the technology it runs on has changed. We at Revelation Software will also continue to do so, for our sake and the sake of our customers.

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