Looking to the Future of MultiValue

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Andy Youniss, President and CEO, Rocket Software

Ten years ago, the world was amazed by Apple’s first iPad, but today tablets are commonplace. It’s astonishing how much technology changes in a decade—and how difficult it is to predict the digital future. But one thing that will never change is people’s need to access their business-critical tools, apps, and data—no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

That’s what always drives our commitment at Rocket to innovate and extend our MultiValue products into the future. We know that many of the world’s top companies rely on our MultiValue to achieve legendary business results. And, as technology advances, our MultiValue customers look to that technology to provide competitive advantage.

MultiValue database technology began when web and mobile existed only in the realm of science fiction. And of course today our customers connect Rocket MV to web/mobile each and every day. What’s next? Our customers tell us that they need access to their MultiValue apps, data, and business logic—no matter where they are. And they need to run their MultiValue apps, data, and business logic wherever they want. Freedom, flexibility, optionality—that’s what’s next.

So even though none of us knows what that “cloud” will look like in a decade (will we all be plugged into digital jacks like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix?), we do know that the demand for instant, universal access to business-critical information will only accelerate—which is why Rocket is committed to modern and innovative Rocket MV technology playing a central role in delivering legendary outcomes well into the future.

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