Looking to the Future of MultiValue

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Keith Lambert, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Kore Technologies

Applications built upon Multi-Value technology will not be going away in the next decade; there’s just too much value in the embedded business rules and processes they manage. Instead, the adoption of new technology will increase while retaining what makes MultiValue databases and applications so good: speed of development plus the agility to quickly adapt to changes in business.

We’ll see more integration to third-party products that extend and modernize MV apps, primarily through real-time inbound and outbound RESTful integration as vendors provide access to their applications with more APIs. MV apps will start moving from on-premise installations to virtual servers in the cloud and more vendors will likely be offering their apps using the popular software-as-a-service model. This will increase the need for better security across the board to protect this data.

Kore Technologies is prepared to help our clients in the new decade with their integration and modernization challenges using our trend-setting Kourier Integrator suite of real-time integration and data warehousing solutions. Hybrid integrations a (mix of real-time and batch) are not going away either, and data warehousing will be as important as ever, powered by artificial intelligence to help analyze the ever-increasing amounts of data.

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