MV Experts Plan to Evolve with the Market in 2019

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New challenges and opportunities in data management and analytics are constantly evolving. With a new year just beginning, MV companies are renewing their focus on the next big thing.

As we enter 2019, compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California’s Consumer Privacy Act, increasing security concerns, the need for integration with additional data management frameworks, and cloud platforms are just some of issues that are trending for many companies.

In the annual “MultiValue Special Report,” this year, DBTA asks: What are your predictions for 2019 and how is your MV platform addressing them?

Mike Ruane, President and CEO, Revelation Software

As we continue development on OpenInsight v10 in 2019, we will be providing developers with tools that concentrate on the end-user experience.  Our focus on user interface tools allows OpenInsight to consume data from a variety of back ends, and “mashup” the data in a variety of front-ends (e.g., the browser, desktop, mobile, and office applications).

Among the available back-end databases we can interface with is, Couchbase.  We anticipate growing the stable of NoSQL cloud database sources throughout the coming year.

To address growing security concerns, our Universal Driver data server now supports “end to end” encrypted communication as well as an optional “verified client.”  Our strategy is to enable our customers to use best-of-breed proven security tools.

We also see growth in our ability to offer management tools for maintaining optimum system performance. While OpenInsight v10 includes a management console that provides database administrators with basic tools to monitor and measure their systems, in 2019 we see continued evolution to extend our OpenInsight toolset to accommodate increasing deployment complexity.

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