MV Experts Plan to Evolve with the Market in 2019

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julianna cammarano, rocket softwareJulianna Cammarano, Director, MultiValue and Business Intelligence Product Marketing, Rocket Software

2019 will be all about modernizing your application by leveraging modern development architectures and technology.

The Rocket R&D organization has expanded its global footprint, enabling 24x7 development with MultiValue teams around the world from Denver to China and India. Our commitment to the MV platform means you can expect significant advancements in methods to enrich your application by opening access to your application logic and data.

We’ll be announcing an API gateway based on exposure through RESTful services as well as native APIs, allowing connectivity through Node.js, microservices, Python, and native Rocket UO libraries. This is just the beginning; the MV gateway will be the foundation for continuous service monitoring, built-in resiliency, load-balancing, clustering, containerization, and easy deployment.

We’ll also be working with customers as they navigate through cloud options: Is it the right move? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Which cloud provider is most aligned with their business needs?

We’ve started the MV Cloud Accreditation Program which will provide MV customers with a suggested list of vendors that can help them host their data and applications. Customers can then select the best accredited partner to work with on their needs and application architecture requirements.

We see 2019 as a year of application enrichment through modernization so that our customers can expand their market share.

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