MV Vendors Address the Needs of an Evolving Market in 2018

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Fresh challenges and opportunities in data management and analytics are constantly emerging. A new year brings a renewed focus on addressing challenges head on.

As we embark on 2018, some of the issues that are top-of-mind for many companies include compliance with the EU’s upcoming GDPR, the need for integration with additional data management frameworks as well as cloud platforms, support for more languages, and stronger security.

In the annual MultiValue Special Report this year, DBTA asks: What are the challenges you see users facing and how is your MV platform addressing them?  

Below and on the following pages, Revelation's Mike Ruane, Kore's Keith Lambert, Rocket's John Bramley, Entrinsik's Doug Leupen, Pick Cloud's Mark Pick, and Zumasys' Patrick Payne weigh in. 

Mike Ruane 
President and CEO
Revelation Software

At Revelation Software, we perceive that our resellers, who are our users, are facing challenges in the areas of security, big data, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) when providing vertical applications to their end user base.

Our OpenInsight v10 product has been completely redesigned with a modern and intuitive design interface to address each of these issues. 

With regard to security, we have provided the ability to encrypt the transfer of data to/from the server and client workstations. OpenInsight also provides an option to encrypt Data at Rest (DAR). The product also offers single sign-on, Open ID Connect, and a new authentication module that supports enhanced industry standard security processes.

To solve the big data issue, OpenInsight v10 introduces a Cloud-Based Filing System (CBFS) which will allow the OpenInsight toolset to operate on data stored in Couchbase, which is one of several cloud databases. A cloud database is an internet-accessible NoSQL database key/value store.

Today’s vertical applications need to run on multiple platforms. OpenInsight v10 has addressed the BYOD paradigm with our OpenInsight for Web (O4W) toolset included with OpenInsight v10. O4W is a rapid application development tool that lets programmers generate responsive forms, reports, and dashboards in both desktop and mobile browser mode.’s applications require. 

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