MV Vendors Address the Needs of an Evolving Market in 2018

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Keith Lambert
VP, Marketing and Business Development
Kore Technologies

Our clients are faced with the challenges of adopting new applications (e.g., cloud-based and mobile) into their ecosystems and integrating data across their enterprises. They must also maintain and invest in their current MultiValue ERP applications and infrastructure.

RESTful Web Services are now the standard for real-time communication between applications. However, message-based, near real-time integration is still desirable for specific projects. For example, building an enterprise data warehouse from multiple data sources and servers, or when the technology is not compatible with REST standards.

Kore Technologies is helping its clients and partners manage this hybrid integration model using our Kourier Integrator and Kourier REST solutions.

Kourier’s Quick Start workbench and data profiling tools accelerate and simplify building a multi-source enterprise data warehouse. Near real-time data updates are processed using Kourier’s high-performance ETL engine, powered by Kore’s Net Change technology.

Kourier REST gives developers advanced features such as subscriptions (Webhooks) for creating real-time REST APIs for integrating their MultiValue application with other systems. Using a “clicks not code” approach and Kourier’s API framework, developers are more productive when creating and maintaining their integrations. All requests to access the MultiValue data are secured and rated using the Kourier REST Gateway.

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