MV Vendors Address the Needs of an Evolving Market in 2018

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Doug Leupen
President and CEO

At Entrinsik, we work with hundreds of organizations using MultiValue technology, more specifically by offering software that integrates MV data with other data sources.

New data analysis challenges are emerging every day, e.g., data governance, data volume, disparate sources, complex tools.

To stay competitive, it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to make data analytics the core of business operations and extend those capabilities outward to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

What’s needed is a data discovery platform that provides an extensible, high-performance architecture and that simplifies data exploration and analytics without sacrificing functionality.

With the new Informer 5, organizations can quickly connect to their traditional or uncommon databases, spreadsheets, and unstructured data streams all without time-consuming warehousing or cubing.

Users can access, blend, and cleanse data in a few easy steps; then utilize data discovery to explore, analyze, and visualize information relevant to them.

 Informer enables end users to easily manipulate and interact with data, collaborate with colleagues, and even create personalized homepages. Informer’s crisp, modern user interface provides an easy to follow hierarchy and an immersive user experience that drastically cuts down on the learning curve associated with other data analysis products.

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