MV Vendors Address the Needs of an Evolving Market in 2018

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John Bramley
VP, Applications Platforms
Rocket Software

There have been and will be many improvements to the Rocket MultiValue (MV) Application Platform, and they all put our customers and partners first.

Our customers in Europe are facing GDPR, a broad regulation. Rocket MV provides capabilities to fulfill many GDPR requirements; however, compliance depends on applying these capabilities throughout your product design and implementation, plus procedural controls. Rocket offers a document that addresses articles of GDPR and the associated MV capabilities that help.

Another issue our MV customers face is hiring. That’s why we’re doubling down on tools that democratize MV and empower anyone to use these tools to drive business value, including Python support, opening MV databases to developers who use this popular language, helping our customers expand their hiring base.

UniData and UniVerse ship with the OpenSSL version 1.0.2h.fips library which has the latest security protocols and algorithms for SHA-2 support. Also, our Application Platforms now easily accommodate future OpenSSL updates without having to upgrade the MV Application Platform itself. Customers get one executable from Rocket when a new version of OpenSSL becomes available. OpenSSL libraries are released often and our customers need to protect their business from the latest security threats, without upgrading their Application Platform. 

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