MultiValue Special Section: MultiValue Vendors Pushing Boundaries

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P. Gary Gregory, Senior Vice President and General Manager, DBMS and Application Servers, Rocket Software

The key challenge faced by solutions providers is how to capitalize on their investments in MultiValue (MV) technology to enable future growth and profitability. Continued success requires agility—skillful adaptation enabled by modernization of technology, engineering practices, and staff. Rocket plays a progressive role in all these areas.

Recently, we held “Rocket.Build,” where Rocket technical leaders and developers from around the world collaborated over a 36-hour period. Rocketeers created, innovated, and built experimental software projects that can really make a difference to our customers and partners.

We are adding support for the Python language and have demonstrated JavaScript/Node.js APIs that natively access our MV databases. This investment in our IDE expands the toolkit of the current practitioners, as well as appeals to the next generation of developers. Our innovations in self-paced education and additional video-based documentation provide new ways for programmers to immerse themselves in MV technology.

Rocket’s unique position as an MV market leader enables us to leverage economies of scale by sharing common client code bases to bring enhanced features to our MV database client products.

We are evolving our tools to simplify the process of refactoring existing applications so that our customers can rapidly and easily re-deploy their business rules and logic into modern application architectures. Rocket Software develops the technology needed for our customers to implement world-class web and mobile applications.

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